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Welcome to Ch. Lange's Reference page.

On this webpage you'll find a summary of created webpages and contributed projects by Ch. Lange. Graphics, text and layout are expressly the intellectual property of Ch. Lange. Some of the following pages may no longer be publicized and therefore might not be up to date say outdated / obsolete or even restricted in their function. Furthermore, all content is purely private, company / organization names and any hyperlinked materials are no longer related to Ch Lange.
Most pages have been optimized for Microsoft's Internet Explorer and are best viewed with it.
Downloadable digital application forms can be found in the "Documents" section ( PDF secure envelope ).

Build and Optimized for

Beta. Net Live, a project launched in 2003 initially served as project page for IE Clone 6:05. Also found on the Neowin Forums
Unfortunately previous versions of the page got lost in the backups over the years so there are only two versions left.
Version 1 Version 2


Beta .Net Live





Futureweb a project that never became public because of time and implementation issues.
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HackLabs, a project which was started about 1999 and changed designs frequently over the time. Not only the design but also various domains (. com,. net,. com &. biz) accompanied the project. Old content and designs were lost over the years, what leaves the following versions.
Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4







BodySigns a tattoo & piercing studio project from 2003 on behalf of customers that unfortunately never opened it doors.
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e34-Franken a project from the year 2009 designed as a local portal of E34 drivers from
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Carbon Evolution


Carbon Evolution, another project from the year 2009 which is currently under construction.
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Apache-User, a project from 2004 what was used as projectpage at that time.
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SB CarDesign


SB CarDesign a customers project from 2011 with WYSIWYG interface
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The previous Version of this Webseite 2009 to 2011.
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MoF-S MobileFolder Security


The MoF-S Project a small Secutity tool based on CMD scripting.
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That would have been a overview of projects created by Ch. Lange, of course you could continue this list. In the near future more content will be added like code samples, etc. Until then, you can check various external projects, such as Apachefriends , deviantART, Photobucket and many more for content from Ch. Lange.
Used Nicknames by Ch. Lange ( *ēģ, HackLabs, -=idx.o1=-, Apache-User, D.A.U., daubuntu, etc.)


© 2011 Ch. Lange
Imprint / Impressum



" Hi, my Name is Ch. Lange Web- Developer and Designer. Let me Welcome You to my personal Website. Have a look around to get a Impression of my Work and Life. "
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